Using Methylene Blue in nebulized form for treating patients with Coronavirus (Covid-19)

As COVID-19(Coronavirus) ravages the world, a quick, novel, cost effective cure for this malaise needs to be found.

Being a pulmonologist (lung specialist) in India, I have been treating pneumonia, other respiratory ailments and Tuberculosis patients (with XDR & MDR TB) for more than 42 years.

I’ve achieved remarkable success in treating my patients with Methylene Blue and with documented evidence. When used in sub lingual and nebulised form M.B. helps remarkably in clearing alveolar capillary block.

Covid causes a silent hypoxia wherein patients despite having acute hypoxia (low oxygen saturation spO2) show no clinical symptoms. Patient is not dyspnoeic in spite of having very low oxygen saturation. These soon escalate to a cytokine storm and patient goes in the irreversible phase of the respiratory distress.

Covid patients show resemblance to methemoglobinemia. MB is considered an approved drug of choice for methemoglobinemia. Additionally, M.B. has a strong antifibrotic action and is very fast acting.

Given the above presentations, Methylene Blue can be used as a treatment to all Coronavirus symptomatic patients & as a prophylactic drug to all vulnerable population. Used in low dosage (as prescribed below) it shows no significant side effects (less than 2% of patients complained of irritation in the nose/nausea for a day which subsided on its own). Given its low cost, it is also a viable regime for poorer countries like India. A number of patients(with varying levels of respiratory distress) have been treated using MB in nebulised/sub-lingual for over the course of my years of practice.

Potential Treatment regime for the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Primary course of administration is in Nebulized form and Sublingually together. For patients with severe Cyanosis (oxygen levels less than 85%), IV may be required based on the clinical condition of the patient.

Administration steps as below (under medical supervision only as MB is known to be toxic in incorrect dosages)

  • 0.1% Methylene Blue to be administered as inhalation through a nebulizer (Primary line of treatment)
  • Nebulization to be given through a nasal mask
  • Sublingual administration will be as a supportive line of treatment
Administration of Methylene Blue in nebulized form
A person wearing a nebulizer and ideal way

Post my recommendations, a hospital in Mumbai started administering Methylene Blue through Nebulizer as well as sublingually on COVID-19 confirmed patients with positive results.

Methylene blue (Methylthioninium Chloride) is a thiazine dye & a medication. It is easily available in drug stores across India. It is safe to consume in low dosage (0.1 mg/kg in IV form) under proper medical supervision. It was the first antiseptic dye to be used therapeutically and it is present on WHO Model List of Essential Medicines. In fact, its use was widespread even before the advent of sulphonamides and penicillin. Its benefit is it rapidly arrests fibrosis which proves beneficial against virulent strains.

[Update: on why MB works]

There are multiple reasons why MB is effective; the chief is Nitric Oxide mediated reduction in inflammatory cascades in addition to inhibiting canonical inflammasomes.

Radiologically (i.e. X Ray) Covid/Swine Flu are similar & resemble any acute viral/fungal loefflers or aspiration pneumonia. Clinical distinction can be made by giving intranasal oxygen — you’d notice an improvement in normal pneumonia but not for Swine Flu or Covid-19 as these viruses would lead to alveolar capillary blockage (i.e. block ability of the lungs to operate in simple words). MB clears the blockage within 24 hours and O2 levels start improving. Covid-19 is a more virulent strain compared to H1N1 and a fast acting drug is necessitated.

Due to the clinico/pathological resemblance between H1N1 & Covid-19 — final outcome is expected to be similar post administration of MB.

(The above comparative X Rays are a part of a series. X Rays shared post consent from the patient)

Note : Some readers have questioned why it took 4 year to clear the lesions — given the state of the patient when he came to me, the chances of survival more than 6 months were less than 10% as his lung was severely damaged(X ray 1). In medical parlance, the above X Ray (X Ray 2) progress is considered a miracle.

(Will post more details about this as and when I get time — for queries please email me)

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27 thoughts on “Treatment for COVID-19 using Methylene Blue by Dr Golwalkar

  1. Good you have thought of trying this affordable and effective treatment.
    It will help so many patients in future .

  2. Seems too easy an answer for a very difficult question. How do you administer as nebulization? What strength solution and what dosage? How many ml of 0.1% solution per kg body wt? How frequently? Can we use AR grade MB available with lab chemical shops?

    1. – 5 ml BD Nebs if Covid positive (+ Dexona Duolin Nebs) for patients above 12 years
      – 0.1% w/v
      – Not sure of AR grade; however in urgent cases lab grade should be fine to save the life of the patient and USP is unavailable

  3. I am dr rahul hake, radiologist. I want to suggest mb treatment for covid 19 patient in our area ( paus, dist- sangli, maharashtra). also i want to use it as prophylaxis for my family and our palus taluka doctors. Can you guide me sir. Can you give me your whatsapp number.

  4. I want to use MB for myself and family for prevention of Corona.How long it’s safe to use? Can senior citizens above 65 yrs.use MB.

  5. My sister admitted in ICU from last 16 days and today we take her at home with basic Oxygen facilities at home. At the time of admission her Lungs infected 55-60% but 2 day back CT report is 30-35% and doctor suggested to setup Oxygen facility at home because they are only giving oxygen and some tablets.

    Without Oral Oxygen her level goes 80 and with 1-2 ltr Oral Oxygen it’s mention 94-95.

    Her weight is 110 kg and she is having High BP and Thyroid. Very heavy body.

    So today we bring her at home with all Oxygen facilities.

    Need your guidance to how provide her Methylene Blue.

  6. Hello Dr. Deepak

    My father is admitted in ICU with external Oxygen Requirement of 20 litre/day to achieve 93 Unit.

    The Doctor is refusing providing MB Treatment even after my multiple request. He is admitted in hospital and conditions is not improving even after 6 days in ICU in sophisticated hospital.

    Pl. guide.

    1. Hello Mr Dipal,

      Apologies for a delayed reply as we are under tremendous case load; however for the benefit of other patients – we cannot go against the decision of the treating doctor. If the treating doctor takes a decision, we cannot over rule it as the treating doctor has the best intentions and knows the case better than us.

      We are working with required govt bodies to make MB Nebs as standard treatment protocol; however till that happens, administering Nebs MB will be a treating doctors/hospitals decision. Some hospitals administer it, some choose not to.

      1. I have forwarded your name to PMO with all good intentions.
        Listened to a video of Dr. Garge/anesthetist from Indore.
        he said 1 gm od at one instance and at other instance,it was 1ml(What concentration?).
        Pl enlighten
        Big thanks

  7. Hi 🙂 I just want to mention I am just very new to weblog and certainly enjoyed you’re page. Almost certainly I’m planning to bookmark your site . You really come with terrific posts. Thanks for sharing with us your blog site.

  8. Sir, Can MB be given to the persons above the age of 65 sublingual for the prevention of corona? Thank you Sir

  9. Can we use MB in the water for steam? Can’t we use nebulizer without any professional medical supervision. So many doctors do not encourage and guide us for this.
    It is difficult to travel and consult you in person during such grim pandemic situation.

  10. Sir, I have taken 1 bottle of MB (0.1%) from your clinic. How much quantity I fil l in nebulizer for how much time I nebulize it?

  11. Sir. Can we give my pregnant daughter in law with 7 month pregnancy. As per my family doctor’s advice we have given her last 5 days but I am suspected about his advice. Please Reply immediately.

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