Many people have written asking for the dosage for MB(Methylene Blue) with nebulizer — so creating this post to help everyone in this time of need.

NOTE : Methylene Blue can be toxic in extreme dosage and it is recommended to take it under the supervision of a medical professional.

Methylene Blue and Covid-19
Methylene Blue in water


MB shows best results when used as a prophylactic and in the early stages of the disease (when spO2 is above 92–93%). In severe cases its administration as an add on therapy improves final outcomes depending on the progress of the disease.

Dosage for Prophylaxis (i.e. for prevention)

MB shows best results as a prophylactic & should be considered as the primary line of treatment in the general unaffected population.

  • Sublingual administration of 0.1% w/v concentration daily (till the pandemic lasts) — swallow what is not absorbed in approx. 30 seconds (2.5 ml) OD
    • OR : If possible; 1.25 ML twice a day

Dosage for Patients

In affected patients in their early stage of the disease (spO2 more than 92%); Nebulized MB is a supportive line of treatment and has shown to improve the final clinical outcome.

  • One ampule of Dexona + one ampule Duolin in nebulized form BD
  • MB in nebulzed form 0.1% w/v of BD (NOT to be mixed with Dexona + Duolin) 5 ml b.d.
  • Post recovery, continue to administer MB Nebulizer OD till 6 minute walk test is normal
Dr Golwalkar answering some questions on Metheylene Blue and Covid19

Side Effects

  • As MB has a strong blue color, the face will show blue coloration on Nebulization which is temporary
  • MB has a bitter taste so some patients may complain of the same
  • Some patients report a bluish green tinge in their urine
  • Some patients may complain about irritation in the nose, nausea post nebulized administration
  • In some cases patients will complain of irritation in the nose post nebulization

Important Notes / Contra Indications

  • Methylene Blue is toxic in incorrect dosages so please do not self administer it (it should only be administered by a certified medical practitioner); dosage should be only as directed
  • Methylene Blue must not be administered to pregnant or lactating mothers(it can be harmful to the fetus; data for feeding mothers is not available)
  • Methylene Blue should not be administered who have known reported hypersensitivity to MB, G6PD deficiency, cronic/acute liver dysfunction, cyanide poisoning or severe renal impairment
  • Methylene Blue should not be administered to children below 12 years of age (insufficient data available)
  • Methylene Blue is an add on therapy to conventional line of treatment
  • Only IP or USP grade Methylene Blue to be used
  • Please note that this should be nebulized; it should NOT be inhaled with steam

Reactions with other medicines


208 thoughts on “Dr Golwalkars Methylene Blue therapy for patients & for Prophylaxis (prevention)

    1. Yes it is correct; even I ordered the same and verified with the the staff at the clinic after receiving. Its correct.

  1. How to prepare 0.1% MB? We have MB which is routinely used by surgeons, it doesn’t have any concentration label, what about sterility?

          1. Dr does MB come in various concentration levels ? if so what is the concentration required for the 0.1 %

  2. Pl advise the Quantity/dose of -both sublingual and nebulised MB…what is mentioned in the article is strength(0.1%) but Not the dose..(quantity)

      1. Thanks…noted..
        I am in Uganda…we do not have ampoules availabe here..Any idea about using Laboratory grade powder?

      2. .Sir, are treating post Covid patients as well with Fibrosis effects, causing Hypoxia for a long time?
        What were your observations in Post Covid fibrosis?

        1. Methylene Blue will help improve post Covid fibrosis. We are going to come out with an article for Post Covid treatment we are seeing a lot of patients with compromised lungs post Covid.

          Below is the basic protocol recommended by Dr Golwalkar for post Covid fibrosis (similar to Covid treatment but with a few exercises):

          1. Take nebulisation od 5 ml daily.
          2. Dexona and duolin nebulisation daily
          3. 2.5 ml.m.b.sublingually daily.

          Above will help in improving lung function. However, it will need some time – minimum two months. Practise blowing whistle slowly in one breath. Measure how many seconds you can blow – go on increasing time. For example if 10 seconds today try to make 15 seconds tomorrow. Will help improve lung capacity.

          A more detailed post will follow as soon as Dr Golwalkar gets some time.

      3. Reminder….
        I am in Uganda…we do not have ampoules availabe here..Any idea about using Laboratory grade powder?

  3. Highly appreciated reaserch and recommadation … May be it will prove to be great help to Mankind in this Padamic period…

  4. I read your wonderful article about treating COVID with MB. I would like to be prepared to use MB in my nebuliser for COVID in case of need. But I am not sure about the dose and the concentration of MB. Could you to tell me the dose and the concentration of MB for nebuliser?

    Or i can arrange pick up from ur clinic and m mumbai based.

  5. Sir
    I did not understand this sentence can u elongate please
     swallow what is not absorbed in approx. 30 seconds (2.5 ml)

  6. Sir.
    By which conditions we can disid whether pt.should required MB.and what day we the indicated MB in covid 19. So inwhich indications pt.have required MB.

  7. Hello Dr. Deepak, i want the dosage, can you please send the details of how to order or your contact number to call and take the methylene blue to keep below the tongue

  8. કોરોના દદીઁઁ કયા કયા ના સ્ટેજ પર હોય ત્યારે મિથેનબલુ નો કેટલો કેટલો ડોઝ આપવામાં આવેછે

    1. Covid is causing fibrosis of hte lung which is leading to compromised lung and reduced lung capacity after the patients is termed as cured from Covid. We will be publishing Dr Golwakar’s post treatment protocol to help patients who have reduced lung capacity due to Covid-19.

  9. Hello sir,
    Can a healthy man take MB to remain safe agaist covid 19 ? I am from Mahuva from where I can get this dose of MB.
    I have seen your interview with a news channel. Tv 18 Gujarati. what you are doing is really an act of service

    1. Yes; can be taken. Same quantity as mentioned above. Please ensure that you do not have any of the mentioned contra indications above or are not taking any of the medicines that are contra indicated.

      MB has a 120 years of history of use and in our experience, it has rarely had side effects esp. in the mild doses we recommend.

  10. Is it readily available in medical store,how to decide whether to use by nebulizer or to keep it under tounge,In Mumbai is any Dr is using this medicine?

    1. If you do not have Covid-19 symptoms, take sublingual
      If you get symptoms, start Nebs. Please note if you have fever, do not wait for report as it can take a few days to confirm if you have Covid or not. The initial few days are precious so start meds ASAP.

  11. Thank u very much Dr Deepak for detailed information on use of MB in covid-19 cases as preventive as well therapeutic adjuvant or add on therapy.

  12. Sir, should sublingual methylene blue taken daily
    The frequency and duration of therapy is not mentioned in the post, i think

  13. Sir, my father and mother are diabetic. Is 2.5 ml dosage directed by you is safe for them as a preventive measure until covid lasts?

  14. I have got MB solution from Bhavnagar, medical store near your clinic.Sir can i keep the bottle in fridge.

  15. Sir
    MB in Nebulizer to covid Pts how many days should they take?
    And Nebulizer of MB should give to non covid pts? I mean normal person should take Nebulizer of MB or just sublingual is good?

    1. Sublingual Methylene Blue for unaffected population OD
      Sublingual + Nebs for people with symptoms; in case you have symptoms please do not wait for reports to come; initial few days are very crucials and reports are still not very accurate.

      1. Thank you sir for your reply
        I am searching for MB injection in Rajkot but couldn’t find it
        Is there any contact you have in Rajkot so I can get it or else give me the contact in Bhavnagar so I can get Cureir

      2. DEAR DOCTOR,

        1. Dear Ms Shital,

          Methylene Blue does not cause weakness; the weakness your father experienced was potentially due to to Covid.

          Please monitor him very closely – and try to keep sugar in control through Insulin only.

          Unfortunately, Dr Golwalkar has a very heavy caseload and is unable to take phone consultations.

  16. For prophylaxis it is written: “Sublingual administration of 0.1% w/v concentration daily (till the pandemic lasts) — swallow what is not absorbed in approx. 30 seconds (2.5 ml)”
    My question: once a day or BD?

  17. Dear Doctor,

    Methylene Blue is available in homiopathic stores as

    Methylene Blue Dilution 200 CH bottle of 100ml dilution,

    with different CH and dilution, can this also be used as Prophylaxis, if yes what can be the dosages?

  18. Dear Doctor,

    Thanks for your valuable input and time.

    If possible , may pls find out the dosage and potency of MB grade.


  19. Hi, my father got discharge from hospital (covid-19) a week ago.. he takes oxygen at 2 lpm, does breathing excercises at home. Diet is coming to normal. What MB treatment can be suggested by doctor or can we talk to him over phone in this regard ? I am from bharuch.

  20. Thank u very much Dr Deepak for detailed information on use of MB in covid-19 cases as preventive as well therapeutic adjuvant or add on therapy.

  21. Reminder….
    I am in Uganda…we do not have ampoules availabe here..Any idea about using Laboratory grade powder?

  22. Sir my wife diabetic and on insulin ..from 4 years aged 48..
    My father have bp aged 82 ..still hale and healthy..
    Along with them all of us are above 15 years ..
    Can we take mb sublingual as per your instructions as preventive measures against covid-19..
    Thank you

  23. Dr Golwalkars clinic is a sea of humanity. THis is my experience.

    We reached early as we were aware that hte rush increases. Its a small clinic and I guess it was never built for this scale, but here goes. The staff was yet to come in, so some patient took out a page from his notebook and just started writing down names. As patients came, they wrote their names down.

    When the staff comes, it does get a bit chaotic as people start moving. Someone is sent for X Rays, some for reports and some just trying to find a good place to sit. My turn was 9th in the queue so luckily I could meet the doctor relatively soon.

    He has a small cabin and there are a lot of patients; but he is very fast. Best thing is, he doesn’t scare you like other doctors do. He went through my X Rays and I was out of his cabin in 10 mins.

    – Please don’t expect 5 star clinic; its a traditional clinic with a very experienced doctor
    – Money doesn’t get you anywhere here – you have to wait your turn even if you are a son of a MLA (we had one in our queue who tried to get in first but )
    – The doctor should increase seating space and improve ventilation
    – There needs to be better organization since there are so many patients coming (on teh day I had gone, I was lucky – I think close to 100 patients were turned away as there was no room left)
    – The govt. should take note – if so many patients believe his medicines work – why isn’t the govt. supporting?

  24. Preparation of 0.1% MB solution : 1 ml methelyne blue injection added in 1000ml (1liter) distilled water or (bolied and cooled water). Is this preparation ok?

  25. Hello Dr,
    I am a Pathologist in a remote town, can we prepare 0.1 % solution of MB from Reagent grade powder marketed by Merck?

  26. Dear Doctor
    My father has undergone stent surgery 1.5 year ago when he suffered a heart attack. can i give hime MB as prescribed by you. 0.1%

  27. Dear sir, we are treating covid ICU cases. I request you to please guide me , about shall I take MB regularly, shall we administer it to our ICU cases and dosage also. You are doing a great work to human kinds sir.
    Pls guide me , Shaall I use it for my wife (39yr old and no any disease), and for my kids 12yr and 9yr old…

    1. Yes; we recommend all doctors treating Covid19 to take the prophylaxis dosage mentioned above.

      Also, for patients please administer MB sublingual and Nebs as soon as possible. Covid19 is a very fast acting disease; so the sooner we can administer MB the better the final outcome.

      Children are not in the risk population (we’ve not received a single child with severe Covid19 symptoms in last 4 months) and we do not advise for children below 12 year.

  28. Dear Sir
    Your work is great and with simplicity. Today I attended your session also. It was for Doctor but still it was very useful. Sir please guide how many minutes nebulizer should be taken. Will you please put your video on how to take dose and how to take nebulizer on you tube in hindi language so we can forward it to many people. Thank you once again.

    1. For symptomatic patients, 5 ml bd nebulization is fine. On case by case basis we may increase it upto 10 ml however, its best left to the treating physician to decide.

      We are trying to get a few videos and sessions uploaded; however given the limited time and resources its providing difficult for us.

      1. Thank you sir. How can I support you in making video or in any other way. I am at Surat. I am sharing my cell number on your email ID. Already I had forwarded your TV9 interview to my various friend, but I want to make more informative and easy to understand video. How to make MB does at home etc. with your support and guidance if you permit. No business motive behind it but sharing information to all.

  29. Dear sir,
    I take a one dose of methylene blu 2.5 ml of sublingual, and got greenish urination as its common side effects..
    Can I skip taking it or no need to worry about green urination… And continue the use of it…

  30. Mb 2.5 ml જ્યાં સુધી આ epidemic છે ત્યાં સુધી રોજ લેવું સારું કે જ્યારે ઇન્ફેક્શન લાગે ત્યારે તરતજ ચાલુ કરી ને 10 કે 15 દિવસ સુધી લેવું સારું.પ્લીઝ જણાવજો.

  31. Hello sir. I want to try MB for my father who is having Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, appx affecting 25% of both lungs more on rt side…0.1 % MB nebuliz form 5 ml as u mention should be fine? He is having duolin ,foracort, prednisone 20 od ,perfenidone for fibrosis…I m Pediatrician…is there any risk of bronchospasm ?

  32. Dr. Gowlankar Sir,
    I want to purchase this solution from your clinic. Please guide to pay and deliver details..

  33. Dr i am diabetic patient.79 yr old.female….upto what levels of e-gfr levels you suggest.that mehylene blue can be taken safely as my kidney functions are down..upto27 to 30 levels
    Can i take half dose 1.25 ml only to avoid its toxicity.

  34. Dear Doctor
    I have MB injection of 10ml that each ml contain 10mg MB.
    to prepare 0.1% solution i mixed 100ml distilled water + 10ml Injection (10mg/ml)
    is it right?

    1. In the published paper by Dr Golwalkar on May 8 2020, It is stated that

      “In India, you can get IP grade 1% Methylene Blue injections for as low as $1. Since its a very powerful drug, this much quantity will need to be diluted by over 10 times. So potentially, you can prepare over 10 doses in $1 to get a 0.1% concentration. The concentration needed in nebulized form.

      In the USA, MB injections are costlier (around $30); howsoever, they are still cheaper than other Vaccines being promoted. And the same economics will work there — 10 doses for $30 which is cheaper than other alternatives being proposed.” Looking to this statement You are right. I am using this solution ( 10 ml MB injection + 100 ml water)

  35. My uncle has rhumethoid arthritis , blood pressure , diabetes and he is taking immunosuppressive medicine
    So he can take methylene blue for preventing covid19

  36. Minimum dosage recommendations for Methylene Blue is 0.5mg Per Kg Per Day… But your dosage of 2.5ml 0.1% solution is equivalent to 2.5mg Methylene Blue. It is a very very low dose..
    is it enough as a prophylactic??
    normal 70kg person would require 35mg dose.

  37. Hello Dr,

    I got bottle from medical I have few questions regarding usage of it.

    #1 If we don’t take MB daily and take today and skip next day and then take day after tomorrow is ok?

    #2 If we take twice in a day is ok?

    #3 can we give it to 4 year old kid?


    1. 1. We recommend daily; but if you skip it, please do not increase dosage the next day. Just continue with same dosage daily
      2. You can take 1.25 ML twice daily. If you find it very bitter, feel free to dilute by adding more water
      3. Not to be given to children below 12 as data not available and they are not in teh risk population for Covid.

  38. Good evening sir,we are in joint family of 8,out of this 2 are positive,
    1.we can nebulize them with one nebulizer?
    2.others will take mb sublingualy,but if someone is asymptometic what we should do,nebulize them or not?

    1. Hello Dr,

      To avoid the risk of infection, we do not use the mask on the Nebulizer and directly ask the patient to take from the nebullizer (a minor modification done on the nebulizer to help in htis case). It does stain the walls a bit, but you may do this in your garden. Though MB is a known anti viricidal, chance of infection from using same unit is low. We will try and upload a video on the same to educate everyone as this is a genuine concern from many other people on using hte same nebublizer in a single family.

      Even for asymptomatic, will advice nebs od dosage for 3 days.

  39. Sir, please provide proper guidelines and inform the viewers to take MB under the observation of the doctor. MB is not so safe if taken without proper guidance. It will be great if all doctors who are using MB can come together and make an SOP for all other doctors to follow. I have Tweeted your video to PM, CM of Gujarat and Maharastra and Union Health minister for their attention. I hope your treatment reached more people in shortest possible time.

  40. Hello deepak sir
    My father has post covid fibrosis
    And after 14 days of discharge spo2 remain 94 to 96 ( 93 to 94 in early morning)
    Here our nearby doctor prescribed MB in nebulized form with methylpredisolone inj.(3 days)
    Now my question is there steroid inejection required with MB????

  41. Dear Dr … Gone thru your video … It’s brilliant, beyond words … U are not a doctor, you are Living God … I want to join your mission of helping & guiding people and make them peaceful … I am in Mumbai running my own business … please share your number which I am going to use very carefully considering your busy schedules … God Bless

  42. Dexamethasone is not available in respules form.. so are we suppose to give injections through nebuliser? what should be the strength? Please guide.

      1. Dear Sir,
        Can we give Budecort respules as nebulisation instead of Dexamethasone?

        If Dexa strongly recommended, what dose? Since Dexamethasone comes as a vial of 8mg in 2 ml

  43. Sir my parents are taking MB 0.1 2.5ml sublingual daily. I have a query as they both have had PCV13 Vaccine few days back does MB have any adverse effect on efficacy of PCV13

  44. I have a covid patient 36 years old female.. i have given her duolin and methylene blue 5ml (separately) nebuliser for 3 days.. oxygen is ranging between 94 to 96..
    Patient has severe dry cough while talking.. cannot complete a sentence without coughing.. please guide as soon as possible

  45. Hello sir…can you please enlighten me about the dosage in post covid patient with lung fibrosis and till what time the pateint with lung fibrosis (post corona)needs to take MB ..

  46. Hi Sir,
    I am going through breathing problem.
    I want to know that is it the same solution created for sublingual I can use in nebulizer as you said 5ML?
    Also any link to buy same Methylene blue in USA?
    Need a urgent help. I been to 3 clinic but they just robbing people. No result yet.

  47. dr golwalkar.
    sou do brasil e notei recentemente por acaso que minha saturação fica em torno de 90%.
    88 a 92 .as vezes até menos de 88%.tenho 72 anos.nunca tinha tido curiosidade de medir.
    tambem não tinha oxímetro.tinha comprado azul de metileno a 0.1% pa(mais puro que usp)
    para tomar para o cérebro(uma a duas gotas sub lingual).agora estou tomando 5 gotas sub lingual.
    na internet é dito que não podemos ultrapassar 7 gotas.2,5 ml são aproximadamente 50 gotas.
    o sr acha 2,5 ml sub lingual uma dosagem segura?
    e no meu caso o sr acha que o azul de metileno ajudaria?
    não tenho grandes sintomas.

    i’m from brazil and recently noticed by chance that my saturation is around 90%.
    88 to 92. Sometimes even less than 88% .I am 72. I had never been curious to measure.
    also had no oximeter. had bought methylene blue at 0.1% pa (purer than usp)
    to take to the brain (one to two drops sublingually). I am now taking 5 drops sublingually.
    on the internet it is said that we cannot exceed 7 drops. 2.5 ml is approximately 50 drops.
    do you think 2.5 ml sublingual is a safe dosage?
    and in my case do you think methylene blue would help?
    I have no major symptoms.

    1. Hello,

      It is difficult to understand the root cause for your low O2 levels based on the information you have provided. Maybe a chest X Ray will help arrive at a proper diagnosis. Please note that incorrect dosage of MB is toxic. We recommend 2.5 ml of 0.1% w/v and is safe. The toxic dose is 5mg/kg; what we recommend is about 0.04 mg/kg so its way below any toxicity threshold.

      Low-dose methylene blue stimulates mitochondrial respiration by donating electrons so may play a role in improving O2 saturation. Irrespective, the first step is to ascertain the reason your O2 saturation is low – it can even be a faulty machine or ink on your fingers that gives an incorrect reading as persistent O2 below 90 in most scenarios is not normal.

  48. Sir I want to clarify my doubt before using MB as a preventive for Corona infection. Toxic dose of methylene blue (MB) is 5mg/kg as mentioned by you. What I understand toxic dose unit is expressed as mg/kg/day. So what you have mentioned it is 5mg/kg/day or something else. If one takes 2.5 mg MB daily in one month the consumption will be 75mg. Is it safe from health point of view?

  49. Dear Sir,
    My wife 42 Yrs (Diabetic) is admitted in Hospital with RCPT test score 29, HRCT-14, she was given 5 Injection Injection Course of Remdesivir, 6th is being given tomorrow.
    My Son-19 Yrs is also Tested Positive with RCPT test 25, with no health issues (Home Quarantine)

    Myself-46 Yrs & My younger Son-14 Yrs are having no health issues.

    Kindly advise , MB is to be given to my Wife & Elder Son or all of us have to take??
    Also advise from where to source…am basically from Mumbai & currently quarantine at Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

  50. Sir, I have already ordered for MB online and I shall receive it within a couple of days. I have decided to use it sublingually as a preventive for COVID19. My wife is a rheumatoid arthritis patient and she is suffering from RA for last 30 years. She uses methotrexate 20 mg weekly. Besides this she uses to take Ferrium Xt, Xtracal K2, Vitamin D and medicines for gastric disorder. Should I also apply MB sublingually for her daily as a preventive for Corona? After getting your consent I shall decide. i talked to the local doctors regarding this. They are not familiar with MB takeup. Kindly suggest.

  51. Sir, please refer to my posting on 31st, Oct 2020. Though I have procured MB of USP grade as per your recommendation I am unable to apply it to my wife who is a rheumatoid arthritis patient. again I request you to answer my querry in order to take proper decision. regards

  52. Hello Sir,
    What is ideal time interval between duolin+dexona and MB nebulization specially when both are to be administered twice a day..
    And lots of thanks for inventing this in view of current pandemic…



    1. Hello Mr John,

      Mehtylene Blue is a very stable compound with a high boiling point (higher than water at the very least). If you steam it, the water will evaporate and you will be left with Methylene Blue crystals at the end. Nebulizer (atomizer) creates very fine particles that can reach deep into the respiratory tract and prevent the virus from causing damage.

  54. Can I continue to consume MB after my 1st dose of covid vaccination.
    Shall I continue same dose of MB till 2cd dose of covid vaccine and after the second dose.
    Please guide.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  55. Hello Dr. Golwalkar,

    My father-in law is covid positive, He started taking methylene blue in nebulized form, but not sure it is IP/USP Grade bottle, Is it safe for him to take it 2-3 times a day, also bottle doesn’t mention percentage. please advise ..


  56. It is mentioned in an article that

    “Please note that this should be nebulized; it should NOT be inhaled with steam”

    Can you please share the difference between these two processes?

    What could be the effect if one inhaled MB with steam using steam vaporizer?

    1. Steam = You boil the water and inhale
      Nebulizer = Atomizer. It does not boil the water but instead makes it into small droplets.

      Nebulization is recommended; if you don’t have one other less effective alternative is to put two drops in the nose

  57. Dr Deepak
    i have ordered CZTL (MB cure) 1gm methylene-blue powder from amazon and mixed it with 1litre of distilled water but solution generated is very much more concentrated than the bottled methylene blue from amazon.. also the colour is more intense.
    there is burning sensation in the mouth and toungue after taking it..
    we are taking readymade bottled mbcure methylene blue from last 6 months but this powder seems very concentrated
    please guide whether it is ok to take it.
    please reply.

    1. THere are many duplicates that have come out. We’ve verified CZTL’s MBCure to be the one that meets our standards.

      Sometimes the powder has a higher degree of potency (esp USP grade). You can mix it with water (i.e. 2.5ml mixed with additional 2.5ml of water) to dilute it a bit.

      The solutions are generally calibrated better.

  58. hello sir, from rajkot. after watching your video, i have started MB. after first day i felt cough is dicreasing bt felt throt uneasy. galu sukatu hoy evu lage it ok ? 10ml injection of MB in 100ml or 1 ltr water ? plz advise

  59. Sir i want to talk to u…i try several time to connect u…but number are not correct show…pls tell me how to contact hubby is admitted in hospital due to covid

  60. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your continuous great work.

    In your recent video taken by tv9 for second wave of corona prevention, you have mentioned that you are everyday doing Nebulizing for yourself and your staff, that means can we take nebulizing as preventive treatment alongwith sublingual doses. If so then how much ml to be taken as nebulizing and how much ml as subligual.

    In case of non availability of duilina and dexona, only MB nebulization can be given please …? Recently my mother get covid and 8 % infection is found, oxygen level is 97 , we have already started two time subligual doses of MB but for nebulization here no facility. Please guide.

  61. Hello,
    Sir I Dr. Sita kag.
    I also want to use MB on pt so please give me guideline for MB .. so I can use on covid pt

  62. Hello sir,

    my brother had covid 19, now his report is negative, but his lungs are damaged 80 to 90% as per doctor says ,he is currently admitted in hospital in ahmedabad, please sir suggest us that methylene Blue can help him or not? Please sir advice us

  63. What we should do for critical cases when Spo2 reaches 60-70%, can we use 0.1% MB or not, please suggest if any.

    1. Methylene Blue has best results when started early. It helps in faster recovery and also changes the mortality outcome for the better. Starting methylene blue later when there already is multi-organ failure has limited success. At any stage however, Nebulized Methylene Blue will help.

  64. My father is in the COVID ICU. He was tested positive on 20/04/2021, this SO2 level is dropping rapidly. We have tried remdesivir(6doses) and steroids 2times a day but there is no indication of improvement. Got a suggestion to use methylene blue, how effective will it be in this situation? And where can I find it in Delhi.

  65. Respected Sir,

    My mother has ( ILD )Lungs Fibrosis lungs disease from last 3 years and taking oxygen from last last 1 year, her Spo2 level without oxygen are 70% ,can I give her Methylene Blue Therapy.?

    Thanking you,
    Ashish Mali

  66. Hello sir

    I have bought methelene blue from amazon .

    After i receive product it is written that its lab grade. Should i consume it ?

    1. I think its best to take one of the two options to be very sure and safe since Methylene Blue is available from 20 Rs a kg to 300000 Rs a kg. Depending on your budget you can do one of the two I feel –

      1. Make from injection
      2. Buy CZTL MB Cure (it is approved by Dr)

      Personally I found 2 to be better as when I tried to make with injection; the vial broke and it was all messy and difficult.

  67. Already using methylene blue sublingual 2.5ml from last 8 months.. How long it is safe to use?

    i am diabetic and methylene blue controls my sugar levels.. can i continue taking it for longer period to control my diabetes?

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