In my previous post I explained how to use Methylene Blue(MB) as a treatment for early stages of Coronavirus.

Here I will explain the internals of how it works.

For best and quick results Methylene Blue needs to be administered using a nebulizer as in doing so the medicine reaches the lungs immediately (and COVID-19 primarily damages the lungs severely)

For starters — here is an image of a patient’s lungs before and after MB treatment with TB

Damaged Lungs

Note : Some readers have questioned why it took the radiological cavities 4 years to clear. The state in which the patient had come (lung damage), chance of survival were less than 10% for a 6 month period. It is a miracle that the person survived (MB + anti cox treatment)

Covid-19 shows a pathologically similar picture to acute interstitial pneumonitis leading to acute hypoxia (silent hypoxia). Nebulized MB is very effective and fast-acting; in H1N1 Swine Flu — O2 saturation started improving within 24 hours of administering nebulized MB.

Given the above presentations, trials have been conducted in a hospital in Mumbai (Bombay) with positive outcomes for Covid. However, as its a novel form of treatment and given our limited access to resources, getting required approvals is painstakingly slow in both these places.

There are parallel studies that have come in recently that point to the same conclusion regarding using MB for Covid-19 (e.g. study —

I’ve been using nebulized MB to treat patients with severe lung diseases (TB, ILD, pneumonia, H1N1, etc) for many years and it has proven to be very effective. Overall, I have treated many patients using this novel method over these years given its ability to resolve fibrosis among others.

How to use a nebulizer

There are multiple videos available online on using a nebulizer so that the medicine. Here is a sample video — the finer details of the nebulizer depends on the exact model of the device — nebulizer are easily available on Amazon

Methylene blue is as well easily available in most of the countries over the counter in drug stores or simply on Amazon (search “Methylene blue”)as well

Methylene Blue

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