I will present 5 direct/indirect reports suggesting that Methylene Blue would be effective against the novel Coronavirus for all ages.

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  1. To get started, I have been treating patients with SARS-1, TB, H1N1 and with exceptionally high success rate — the Methylene Blue treatment potentially also works against COVID-19. Details are covered in this blog https://medium.com/@dr.deepak.golwalkar/treatment-for-covid-19-using-methylene-blue-d23fc5a31a4d
  2. The abstract of the paper claim that treating when blood samples with Methylene Blue, we get great results — not sure whether they did human trials https://www.researchsquare.com/article/rs-17718/v1
    The comments in the paper are worth reading.
  3. This was a cohort study on cancer patients
    i.e. Methylene Blue(MB) is used as a dye(coloring agent) in many operations. Now, researchers found out that the 2500 cancer patients who were administered with Methylene Blue; none of them showed any symptoms of the Coronavirus as it could be possible that MB was doing it’s magic. https://riviste.fupress.net/index.php/subs/article/view/888
  4. This is a couple of years old study: where they realized that MB is really effective against SARS-COV1 and MERS which has the same symptoms as SARS-COV2 or COVID-19 or the novel Coronavirus https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29732571/

I have been using MB to treat respiratory ailments and the above articles are proof that it works against Covid-19 and other ailments. Its a very cheap drug and its usage cannot be patented given its a generic. That is its strength and weakness.

7 thoughts on “Global reports/trials asserting that Methylene Blue can be used successfully to treat COVID-19

  1. Which hospital in Mumbai used the drug methylene blue and is there a clinical trial being done right now in mumbai regarding the use of methylene blue in the treatment of coivd ?

    1. We have a lot of hospitals which are trying it in salvage cases (including Nanavati). Our only request is to start this earlier and not when a patient reaches a critical condition. MB is best effective when started with SpO2 > 93%; at lower oxygen levels other complications set in which may not be addressed by MB.

  2. Can we use MB through nebulizer for covid patient on 7th day of onset as spo2 is at 94 -93 level? Course of Ramdesivir is completed.
    If yes, what would be dose schedule – quantity and percentage of diluted solution ? Patient doesn’t have any comorbidites or no dyspnea after walking.Age of patient is 54, female.
    So please guide me.

  3. I have a brilliant idea which you can apply on a large scale easily and which will be accepted by everyone: candies with blue methylene. Obviously a sugar free version needs to be done for people with diabetes, but small dosage of sublingual BM will not hurt anyone. In Romania we have been treating viral infections like this for decades(Drop of BM on a spoon of sugar to take bitterness away. People usually don’t like the bitterness of the substance). Times of India wrote about how groundbreaking your findings are, now it’s time to make them accessible to a large scale. You people have the genius and are open enough to accept a idea of you consider it of use❤️ additionally, as you know, in people with severe Covid cases it’s also important to treat clots, potentially lifelong. Idea is to treat Covid before it becomes even moderate. may God bless you and be with you every step on the way through this unique journey

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