Dr Deepak  - Pioneer in using Methylene Blue in Sublingual & Nebulized form for treatment of lung diseases
Dr Golwalkar

Dr Deepak Golwalkar is a senior Pulmonologist (TB & lung infections expert) with over 42 years of experience.

He began his career at govt. TB hospital in Gujarat, India at India’s largest TB hospital & practiced there for over 10 years. There he had the chance to learn under the tutelage of India’s best Chest specialists. Building on this knowledge, over the course of his career, he has pioneered many cost effective & viable treatments for lung diseases which have proven to be very effective for multiple respiratory problems.

He is very known for his pioneering work in using Methylene Blue in Sublingual & Nebulized form for treatment of lung diseases. His work has proven to be revolutionary for treatment of Tuberculosis, ILD & in a few other cases. A similar line of treatment has also shown great promise for treatment of Covid-19 and currently is under trial.

6 thoughts on “Dr Deepak Golwalkar

  1. Dear sir
    My uncle is having Covid-19 infection, getting treatment in Mumbai hoshpital.
    Plz provide your contact, so that we can start treatment with METHLYENE BLUE under doctors supervision.

    Kind regards
    Dr. Siddhi Shah

  2. તમે જે Methylene blue આપો છો એ કઈ રીતે મેળવી શકાય, અને તેની price શું છે, બીપી હોય, હાર્ટ એટેક આવ્યા પછી હાર્ટ પહોળું થયું હોય તેને લઈ શકાય? અને 21 months ના twins બાળકો છે તેને લઈ શકાય? કોને કેટલા dose લેવાય તે પણ કહેજો. આભાર સર

    1. Children are not in teh risk population of serious outcomes for Covid19. Since we do not have conclusive data for chilren below 12 yeara and the risk profile is low; our recommendation is to not administer it unless under proper clinical supervision.

      The common contra-indication for MB usage is G6PD deficiency; if the patient is on anti-depressants; has severe renal or hepatic issues or is pregnant/feeding mother.

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